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A Way Out Bail Bonds 
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Woodbridge Manassas & Alexandria Va
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Stafford Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania Va
(540) 288-5488

Where are we located?
Our Bail Bonding Agency has Bail Bondsman located throughout Northern Virginia including:
Stafford Va Spotsylvania Va Fredericksburg Va
King George Va Hanover Va Woodbridge Va
Manassas Va Mount Vernon Va Alexandria Va & Fairfax Va

Do you have a friend or family member that has been arrested, and brought to the county jail?
"Call Now!"
We have Bail Bonds agents on standby 24/7 to assist & answer any questions you may have about the arrest, jail, and bail bond process.

How does the bail bonds process work?
Normally when a person is arrested they're brought to the county jail to be booked in for processing (photo, fingerprints, etc) on the particular charge & to see the Magistrate for a bail bond hearing. The Magistrate will have a bail bond hearing to determine whether or not the accused can be eligable for release. If the magistrate cannot set a bond (normally because of the nature & severity of the charge or the previous record of the accused) the accused will have to stay in jail until he or she is seen by the judge, and the judge grants a bond for the charge. Once a bond is granted we can then start the release process. At most jails the release process takes 2-3 hours for the jail to process the paper work and release the defendant (the accused). After the defendant is released, he or she is required to appear for all the court dates described on the recognizance (formal release order), and until the court case is finalized.

How much does it cost, and what am I signing up for when bail bonding somone out of jail?
Good question! The state Law of Virginia requires that a bail bondsman cannot charge less than ten percent, and no more than fifteen percent of the total bail bond. Our bail bonds agency charges the lowest amount required by law (10% of the total bond).
  When signing responsibility for a bail bond you are signing a contract stating you will guarentee (pay) the full amount of the bail bond if the defendant does NOT appear in court for all the required court dates for the case. If the defendant does not appear, the court will issue our agency a "show cause" to explain why the defendant did not appear in court, and to demand the total amount of the bail bond. At this stage in the bail bond process, our agency gives the "co-signer" three months to pay the bail bond in full, or bring the defendant back to custody.

I just found out I have a warrant for my arrest, what do I do?
If you recently got a message from a police officer, or if you saw your name in the newspaper that you have a warrant for your arrest...Don't Panic! You must take immediate action and do the right thing, "turn yourself in." Our bail bonds agent will go with you to the police station when you turn yourself in, and he or she will post your bail bond immediately so you will not stay in the jail.

I'm not able to go to the jail at this time (at work, live out of state, and/or no transportation), is there any way I can still bail someone out?
Yes you can! The two main parts of bonding someone out of jail is paying the fee, and signing responsibility (co-signing) on the bond. You can pay the fee by Western Union, Money Gram, or credit card/check card. The contracts can be sent by fax or email (must have a scanner to do it by email).

How long is it going to take to bail someone out of jail?
  It depends on which jail they are located at, and how long they have been in jail. If they were brought to a police substation (a few that our company services includes: Mount Vernon Substation in Alexandria, Va, Garfield substation in Woodbridge, Va, and the Magistrates office off Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, Va) the process is normally thirty minutes or less. If the person is detained in a county jail (Fairfax Adult Detention Center, Manassas Adult Detention Center, Rappahannock Regional Jail, Alexandria Adult Detention Center, Pamunkey Regional Jail) the average wait time is between two to three hours.
  It also depends on how long the person has been incarcerated. At most county jails a person is booked into the jail, processed through receiving, and put into population within 72 hours. If they've been in jail for more than 72 hours, it will probably be a longer wait (one - two hours longer). If the bond was recently set (within hours ago) the jail must wait on all the paperwork from the court that the judge signed off on granting the person bond.
  The many different vairables consisting of time, day, location, amount of time the person has been incarcerated, and whether or not the bond was recently set can have much influence on how long you will have to wait.

I live in Stafford, Virginia, but I have a friend that's in jail in Jacksonville, Florida, can I still use your local bail bond service to bail him out?

Yes, our agency is backed by an insurance company. This insurance company is nationwide, and has bail bond agents through out the United States. What you are referring to is called a transfer bond. This is where you would come to our company to post the bond for your friend, and our company would have an agent in Florida, through our insurance company, post the bond so your friend will be released.
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